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All it takes is for a successful business is a great idea.
Right? Not right

All it takes is for a successful business is a great idea. Right? Not right, because it takes time, effort and expertise to execute. And when you are starting something new, you don’t always have these traits. It may be that you’re busy with your current job or business, or you just don’t have the expertise to set it up. Sorted out bridges that gap for you. We set up all kinds of businesses. With a full range of services, there is nothing, we can’t do. From website building and branding to getting the shopfit done or getting manuals ready, we have expertise in all of these fields. So we can start where you feel you’ve hit a brick wall and need help, whether it is start of the project or just one missing piece. We are so confident that we will guarantee to save you our costs within the cost of the project in a turnkey project.

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Requirements: Kimberley had just been furloughed and was looking for some extra income with her husband Connor. They bought some car washing equipment and provided valet service at customer’s doorstep. They wanted to launch a website with eCommerce facility that customers could use to purchase their services and manage their availabilities. They also wanted to market their services to the local area. Sorted Out developed systems to help them and now they have both quit their jobs, doing this full time and approaching us to nationalise the service.
✔ After an initial assessment of Kim and Connor’s business, we developed a business plan and our workflow.  We did the branding and registered their business and brand.
✔ We developed systems they could use to do their taxes and expense management.
✔We did in depth costing for them and then agreed on prices.
✔ We then developed their eCommerce website.
✔ We used social media and google SEO’s only to market their business.
✔They now have increased their sales by 1100% making it a full fledged business.

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